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2014 – 05 – 30

. . : : N E W   C H I L L – T R A C K   O N L I N E : : . .

Another chill-track finished, flirting a bit with the down-beat genre. It is called
Nystart and can be found HERE Also I updated the top 10 – list, including my
latest favourites! Enjoy the start of summer. PIIISH

2014 – 04 – 05

. . : : B A C K : : . .

Hi, everyone.
I´m now back from six months of travels in Asia – a fantastic and inspiring journey. Now it´s time to
convert all my experiences into creativity. As some of you probably noticed most of my mixes have
disappeared from my Soundcloud. They are now available to stream and download from this page.
To download just right click on the mix or track you want, and choose “save link to” and you choose
where on your hard drive to put it. Peace of cake. I hope you all had a nice ending of 2013 and wish
you (although a bit late), a great 2014.

All the best.

2013 – 09 – 06

. . : : N E W  P S Y – M I X  O N L I N E : : . .

I have recorded a new psy-mix reflecting the kind of music I love these days and
representing the labels and artists that I respect and support. It is called “Insane
Wisdom” and a direct-link to the mix can be find HERE. It can also be found via
the download-page. ENJOY!!!

2013 – 08 – 27

. . : : N E W  C H I L L  T R A C K  O N L I N E : : . .

I have finished yet another chill-track, although most people would probably put it in the
down-beat genre. It is called Mental Caress and can be found HERE Also I updated the top
10 – list, including my latest favourites! Enjoy the end of summer. PIIISH

2013 – 07 – 11

I´ve turned off the possibility to comment on the things I post due to almost 4.000
spam-comments having to be erased after being away for a few weeks. So if you like
to comment on my music or mixes please just send me an e-mail instead; it can
be found in the contact-section. Except for this, some new photos and a new top-ten.
I´m busy at being at home as little as possible, thus the minimal amount of updates.

2013 – 06 – 16

. . : : N E W  C H I L L  O N L I N E : : . .

Things have been pretty busy here, and I have managed to finish both a new chill-track
entitled “Dance of the Planets”, and a new chill-mix called “Barefoot Moods I”. I hope
you have the time to listen and I manage to share the beauty of life with you
listeners through my creativity. I have also updated the future gigs section with 2 new
Swedish festivals – Basecamp Vs 1000 & 1 Watt, and the great party of this summer
Andra Vaer(l)den. This summer is shaping up to be filled with wonderful moments
with music. Next stop is Tangra Eco Art festival in Bulgaria. Yummie. Have a great
start of the summer.

2013 – 05 – 15

. . : : N E W  PSY – M I X  O N L I N E : : . .

I´ve recorded a new psy-set called Hallicinogenic Circle, and it´s now online in the
downloads-section. It´s following the path of the last mix, filled with forest/ hard psy
and twilight music to make mind and soul happy and satisfied. ENJOY!!!

2013 – 04 – 23

. . : : N E W  M I X  A I R I N G : : . . di.fm_1-300x210

My new psychedelic mix entitled Hallucinogenic
Circle will air on tomorrow, 24th of april
8pm CET. Click here for more info. Also I have
moved 2 songs from my Soundcloud to this
website, and they are now available for download
instead of just streaming. The tracks are
Transitions and Triggered Retro. Enjoy!!!

2013 – 03 – 31

. . : : N E W  T R A C K  O N L I N E : : . .

I´ve made a new track which is now available online. Just follow this LINK Also this means
I removed the track “Life on Another Planet” from soundcloud and it´s now available for
download on this site.

2013 – 03 – 12

563329_10200108783654647_1256163537_n. . : : N E W  G I G S  A N D  T O P  T E N : : . .

I´ve updated the future gigs – section with 5 bookings. It´s going
to be a hell of a nice summer with loads of playing and enjoying
myself. I´m looking forward to it so much :) Also new psy-mix is
being put together as well as working on my next track which is a
pumping downbeat story with a goa-twist. But I´m taking my
time, cause I really want to improve my production-values and
make every song sound better than the one before.